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The national standard sieve screening of superfine grinding equipment set up a working group

The national standard sieve screening of superfine grinding equipment set up a working group

The day before, by the China powder equipment industry leading enterprises, national key high-tech enterprises - Zhejiang Fengli crushing equipment Co. Ltd. as the sieve screening and particle formation, called unit initiated inspection methods of Superfine Grinding Equipment Standardization Technical Committee Working Group (SAC/TC168 /WG2), by the National Standardization Management Committee approved (standard commissioned comprehensive No. [2008]118) approved.
Superfine grinding equipment from domestic crushing standard working group of 12 well-known experts and equipment production, research and development, teaching and testing units, by the China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing) Professor Zheng Shuilin renzuchang, Beijing Key Laboratory of Beihang University powder technology director Professor Shen Zhigang as deputy leader, chairman Yu Shaohuo Zhejiang Fengli pulverization Equipment Co. Ltd. engineering Secretary long. Its members are mainly Beijing mining and Metallurgy Research Institute researcher Wu Jianming, Changsha Research Institute Of Mining And Metallurgy  professor Zhang Guowang, a close friend of Engineering Group Limited company chairman Wu Jianming, Hangzhou Fengli Powder Engineering Co. Ltd. General Manager Wang Chunfeng Shanghai, a fine powder equipment Co. Ltd. chief engineer Chen Keyuan, Zhangjiagang City Tonghui chemical Machinery Co. Ltd. chairman Zhao Huidong, Beijing gushengdai Powder Technology Co. company general manager Li Hang, Shengzhou city product quality supervision and Inspection Institute senior engineer Xie Dong, Zhou Fengli crushing equipment provincial high-tech R & D center director Zhang Zaijiang engineering etc..
Superfine grinding equipment standardization committee working group Secretariat in Zhejiang Fengli crushing equipment limited company, is mainly responsible for the ultrafine grinding equipment in the field of national standards revision work; by the quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of Zhejiang province responsible for the daily management of the country; sieve screening and particle inspection methods Standardization Technical Committee in charge of the working group, the establishment of standards for business.

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