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Zhejiang Fengli and universities together to crack the problem of leather waste resource utilization

Zhejiang Fengli and universities together to crack the problem of leather waste resource utilization

The day before, the national key high-tech enterprises Zhejiang Fengli crushing equipment Co. Ltd. and Ningbo University of Technology joint "leather wastes as rubber filler materials technology development and industrialization projects included in Zhejiang Province in the year 2008 the first batch of major science and technology projects.
It is reported that China is the world's leather leather processing center, the annual processing power, China pigs, cattle and sheep leather 170 million, produce about 1 million 400 thousand tons of waste leather, in addition to a small amount of was used, most are discarded, causing serious pollution to the environment, but also makes the high quality collagen and chromium oxide. The use of resources was a huge loss. Therefore, the utilization of leather wastes has become an important issue of common concern at home and abroad.
Zhejiang province is China's leather processing manufacturing province, is the province of plastic and rubber production, which provides a good platform for the use of leather waste powder. Excellence in powder engineering and environmental protection equipment in the field of Zhejiang Feng Li in the leather waste recycling research and breakthrough of Ningbo University of Technology combination, it is a unique advantage.
At present, the domestic ordinary crushing equipment is used to crush the leather waste, and the particle size of the crushed leather powder is larger, which can only be used in the production of recycled leather, and the added value is low. If the leather powder is used in the modified plastics and rubber, enough fineness must be obtained to improve the compatibility of plastics and rubber with leather powder through the reaction.
In view of this situation, Zhejiang Feng Li and Ningbo University of Technology will use special technology, the unique design of the shear broken leather superfine grinding technology equipment of grinding on the leather waste, using carboxyl or amino collagen peel powder by compatibilizer or chemical reaction of skin powder for modification, improve the compatibility and peel powder of rubber material. To obtain good performance of the composite, as filler rubber products, rubber products to reduce production costs, improve the compatibility of rubber and leather waste powder, improve the mechanical properties of rubber, prolong the service life.
Research and development projects, through the recycling of leather waste recycling to replace or reduce the amount of petroleum resin, reduce the cost of plastic products, the leather waste recycling of resources to open a new way.

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