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Zhejiang Fengli superfine rolling mill become mineral processing equipment choice

The way to solve the problem of non novel grinding superfine metal powder material under normal temperature
Zhejiang Fengli superfine rolling mill become mineral processing equipment choice

Superfine grinding technology plays an increasingly important role in various fields of national economy, especially the use of non metallic minerals depends on the deep processing of the degree to which, effective comminution is the premise and guarantee to carry out the deep processing. While the fine rolling mill is one of the most important processing technology. Because most non-metallic materials under ordinary mechanical impact of the crush is difficult to reach 1000 mesh (more than 13 microns). The need to reach 1000 orders (13 m) above the non-metallic material comminution is the best grinding roll. To this end, scientists in various countries carried out a large number of research in this area, hoping to find out at room temperature to make such materials super refinement of the ideal method. Very fruitful research in this area is the former Soviet Union, the United States, Britain and japan. The research in this field is also very comprehensive system of Germany, with a crushing method of revolution of the rotation can be at room temperature grinding to 1000 mesh (13 micron), and high yield.
Looking at China's non-metallic mineral processing equipment, fine rolling mill production is still in its infancy, so far, there has been no better setting models, generally still use ordinary grinder for grinding, it is difficult to achieve the desired requirements; the airflow, the cost is too high, it is difficult to be accepted by industry.
Enjoy the "China mill expert" reputation of the national high-tech enterprises Zhejiang Fengli crushing equipment Co. Ltd., in order to improve the status of non metallic mineral powder processing equipment to enhance domestic, non metallic mineral powder deep processing technology, in the introduction of Germany advanced powder technology, combined with many years of experience in the production of various types of equipment based on independent grinding. Innovation, the successful development of a good performance, high efficiency, small footprint, easy installation, uniform product size, were comparable with the level of similar foreign products -- CGM superfine crushing equipment for rolling mill, kaolin, limestone, calcite, talc, graphite, carbon black, Mohs hardness of humidity is less than 8% in non the flammable and explosive materials under 6 level of ultra-fine grinding and processing equipment is non metallic mineral powder material of the ideal. Meet the non-metallic mineral industry demand for such equipment, and to break the situation has long been dependent on imports. Not long ago, this equipment has been awarded the 2014 Zhejiang

provincial new products.
This new product is a kind of grading type high-pressure ultrafine roll milling can complete two processes of powder milling and powder separation.
Its superior performance is:
One is compared with the Raymond mill, jet mill the same dynamic condition more than twice as high production efficiency, effect of grinding wheel material pressure roller in high pressure centrifugal force increase 30 ~ 40%.
Two is a large output: crushed calcium carbonate, fineness of 10 microns, the output per hour up to more than 1 tons.
Three product fineness index is good: D97 = 35 ~ 3 microns, to achieve fluidized bed airflow fineness index.
Four is equipped with grading impeller stepless speed regulator, without stopping can adjust the product granularity, and fine powder can all recycling, does not pollute the environment.
Five is a complete set of equipment installation convenience, no large-scale civil engineering, equipment installation can be put into production.
Six is the dust removal efficiency to meet national emission standards. (Wu Hongfu)

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