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waste plastic composite materials recycling processing equipment

Zhejiang Fengli's waste plastic composite materials recycling processing equipment selected by the state to encourage the development of major environmental protection equipment catalog


Not long ago, the Ministry of industry and information technology, Ministry of science and the Ministry of environmental protection three ministries jointly issued a national encouraging the development of major environmental protection technology and equipment catalog (2014 Edition) notice. The national high-tech enterprises in Zhejiang Fengli crushing equipment limited development "waste plastic composite materials recycling equipment" in the "Catalogue" promotion class entry "five, comprehensive utilization of resources" project, the use range of comprehensive application of waste plastics.
This is the equipment have been selected in the "catalogue for the guidance of industrial structure adjustment (2013 Amendment)", "environmental protection equipment" 12th Five-Year "development plan", "the State encourages the development of the major environmental protection technology and equipment catalog (2011 Edition)" in 2012, the equipment manufacturing industry in Zhejiang province in key areas of the first (set) after another award.
Waste plastic composite materials is an urgent need to develop the rich ore, plastic and metal (aluminum), fiber and other available. At present, China's total consumption of plastic has more than 80 million tons (including about 7 million tons of waste plastics), become the world's largest plastics consumption in the year has reached 17 million tons of recycled waste plastics, equivalent to saving about 50000000 tons of crude oil. But at this stage, the plastics recycling industry, the vast majority of enterprises only targeted at those traditional pure raw material recycling, while ignoring the presence of more and more composite materials. Composite material for less than pure plastic 40% ~ 70% price is simple, no recycling value should.
The selected project is Zhejiang Fengli fulfill major national industrial technology development projects of waste plastic matrix composites before comprehensive basic technology development "project utilization, further innovation and development of new equipment and the. Break the powder recycling of waste plastics (does not change the chemical composition, cause two pollution); electrostatic separation technology; intelligent automatic control technology and precious metal extraction technology and other key technology, so as to effectively break the recovery of aluminum-plastic composite film, aluminum plate, plastic film, cable cable composite products to deal with this an urgent social problem, overcome the domestic waste plastic composite materials not to solve the problem in the use of recycling technology with physical method, realize the comprehensive utilization of renewable resources, to provide strong technical support for the green environmental protection equipment for recycling of waste plastics using composite materials. The amount of waste 1t/h ~ 5t/h plastic composites; recovery of metal (aluminum) purity not less than 98%; metal (aluminum) recovery rate is more than 99%; recycled plastic purity not less than 95% tons; consumption less than 10kW - H; recycled metal purity not less than 98%, the metal recovery rate is more than 99%, plastic the recovery rate of more than 95%; intelligent control technology: temperature alarm set range of 0 to 150 DEG C, the sensitivity is less than or equal to 0.5 DEG C; voltage: -10% ~ 5% (380V); current alarm sensitivity is less than or equal to 0.5A; automatic packing and measurement precision is less than or equal to 1g; in order to achieve the switch machine startup and shutdown; man-machine interface control. (Wu Hongfu)


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