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The history traces the Zhejiang Fengli, is a full of "Style" the process of history.
Since Zhejiang Fengli involves crushing equipment industry since the beginning of 1953, has been 63 years. Over the past 60 years, Zhejiang Fengli just look for an industry that is powder industry; only the development of a class of products, it is powder equipment; only undertake a kind of engineering, it is powder engineering; really is a "professional intentnesses Style"; to science and technology, products will be applied to the national economy in all fields, meticulous technology Style; focus on crushing equipment intelligent, with the "innovation model"; to integrate into the international market, the introduction of foreign advanced technology, digestion and absorption and innovation, to overseas international norm; enterprises have to "quality first, the credibility of the" honesty is gold "Style"; formulate a national standard standard, grasp the industry the right to speak in the "standard"; customer first, customer first "service will Style"; superfine grinding technology and green environmental protection equipment combination, to the end to the "green environmental protection Style".

Mr. Yu Shaohuo, the chairman of Zhejiang Fengli Pulverization Equipment Co., Ltd.


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